What We Do

  • Birth control of dogs – Neutering (ABC as per WHO guidelines)
  • Cancer Treatment and Tumor removal
  • Treatment of animals with small to severe injuries
  • De-worming & Anti Rabies Vaccines (all dogs admitted/adopted at Chhaya)
  • Other surgeries and treatment of village animals
  • Hygienic freshly cooked nutritious food served twice a day for all dogs and fodder for all other large animals

18 hours ago
Is Damp, Leakage, Seepage in your Home turned into a Mystery for you?

Then you need the right advice to deal with it. Get all your answers by MACJ - A Buyer's Choice's Experts.

#homemystery #homeinspection

1 week ago
Winters are over. It is the right time to get your Home Health Check-up.

It is the perfect time to track & trace the source of all the hidden damp, moisture, seepage issues in your Home. And get you the right and reliable low cost - long term solution using Thermal ... See more

#righttime #homeinspection

2 weeks ago
Yes, we are your Home Inspector. Your Home's Saviour.

With experience of more than 2,000+ inspection of Indian Homes & all kinds of other properties, within a couple of years and with a PAN India strength of over 100 trained team members, backed by ... See more

#homessaviour #homeinspection

3 weeks ago
At MACJ - A Buyer's Choice, we have a perfect blend of Man, Mind & Machine

We have grey hairs of experience backed with advanced tools & technologies. Which makes us India's only Pioneering Professional Home Inspection Company. Yes, We can.


4 weeks ago
Taking your First Step to buy your Dream Home?

Take that step with Confidence, with MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Assurance. Get your Home Inspected at the time of Possession, and gift your Home a Healthy & Safe Life.


1 month ago
Even the Smartest Home Buyer makes mistake by not getting their Home Inspected.

Avoiding Home Inspection, during buying your dream Home, can potentially be your most expensive mistake. Here even the smartest Home Buyer falls in a trap and looses time & money.

3 months ago
Spider web cracks in wall

Generally indicates workmanship issue

3 months ago
Healthy Homes

Spider web cracks in walls generally indicate workmanship issue

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