Chhaya early days (2008)

Chhaya established (2010 onwards..)

Our Story

People for the Respect & Care of Animals (PRCA) is a registered charitable trust. Under the aegis of this trust, Chhaya, an animal hospital and shelter was established in 2008.

As the animal population increases on the streets, so do the problems faced by them. Cows & dogs roaming on our streets are regularly hit by speeding vehicles, either accidentally or sometimes wantonly. As they lie on the road scared, injured and in deep pain, misguided people pour water on them hoping they will get up. Some even pour hot water or acid to make them move. When dogs are subjected to such cruel actions, in defence they try to bite. This leads to them being beaten to death. Therefore there is a need for a place where these animals can be kept safe and given the requisite medical treatment and allowed to recover.

Chhaya was set up to fulfil this very need - with the aim of rescuing bruised, battered, broken animals lying helplessly on the streets of Kolkata.

Day & night Chhaya gets calls from people reporting animals in distress. In response to these calls, two vehicles traverse the length and breadth of Kolkata, six days a week, picking up the injured animals, bringing them to Chhaya and returning them back when they are cured.

Chhaya runs an ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme, to humanely reduce the street dog population in Kolkata.

These services not only help animals but also the community at large, as they limit the number of animal-human conflict on the streets.

In 2008, Chhaya was treating 1-2 dogs per day, which were transported in private cars and sheltered in make-shift huts. Over the last decade, Chhaya has grown extensively and is now treating 400-450 dogs, 10-15 goats, 5-6 cows daily. Injured horses, birds, monkeys, rabbits, pigs, jackal etc. are also treated at Chhaya.

Chhaya is situated on a 2.5 acre plot in village Aswathaberia, on the outer fringes of Kolkata. The hospital has a built-up area of approximately 30,000 sq. ft.