Our Services

Street Animal Rescue

  • A helpline number to report injured and abandoned animals
  • Pick-up of distressed dogs and their return, once cured
  • Antiseptic bath and de-worming of dogs on the day of admission
  • Anti-rabies vaccine before discharge
  • Coordination with other animal welfare NGOs for rescue & rehabilitation of large animals

Medical Services

  • Treatment of burn injuries, maggot-infested wounds etc.
  • Cancer treatment
  • Treatment of accident victims & rehabilitation
  • Surgeries - Tumour removals, haematoma, amputations
  • Prosthetics for horses

ABC programme

  • Pick-up of dogs from different localities, on request from the local community
  • Bathing & de-worming on the day of admission
  • Ovariohysterectomy for female dogs and castration for male dogs
  • 5 days of post-operative care
  • Anti-rabies vaccine before discharge
  • Discharge on recovery and return to the same locality

Sheltering of

  • Abandoned pedigreed pets
  • Injured cows & horses
  • Birds, with broken legs/wings
  • Street dogs with terminal illness and physical disabilities

Chhaya’s helpline number is active between 8 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.
Chhaya vehicle picks up animals in South Kolkata on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and
in North Kolkata on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays. The vehicle does not run on Sundays.
For people willing to bring in distressed animals in their own vehicles,
we are open 24x7 for admitting them and providing emergency care.