Recently, Chhaya has been receiving calls and request for help from people who are non-cooperative and do not understand the scope of work that we provide.

We are thankful to all those hundreds of dog lovers who call Chhaya, coordinate with us & get the injured dogs picked up. Many of them also become our volunteers & take care of dogs on our request, till the time we are able to send our vehicle.
But there are those people who spot an injured dog & expect us to send the vehicle immediately. Unfortunately we are not able to offer emergency pick ups. If we request them to feed the dogs painkiller tablets, they are too busy. They tell us ‘you are a NGO so you have to listen to us’. Some say ‘you are getting crores, where do you spend it’?
We request all to cooperate with us. Dog care should be our primary objective. We don’t get Government support. Chhaya is run only on voluntary donations. Thank you…