Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Chhaya?

Public Transport: Reach Sonarpur Station and take the SD3 bus to Sundia. From there Chhaya is a short walk of 500m.
Private transport:
From South Kolkata, follow the route: Bypass Kamalgazi Sonarpur Station Ghasiara Timatha Mokrampur Prasadpur Sundia. Take service road from Sundia to Chhaya.
From North Kolkata, follow the route: Sience City Basanti Highway Right turn after Bengal Institute of Technology College, to come to Kheyadah High School Left turn, drive over the culvert to reach Sundia. Take service road from Sundia to Chhaya.
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Do I have to pay for sending injured animals to Chhaya?

All services at Chhaya are offered free of cost for street animals. Donations to support our activities are welcome.

Can I visit Chhaya to see the animal that I have admitted?

Yes, you are very welcome. Visitor timings are 11 am to 3 pm on all days of the week, except Tuesdays and Sundays.

How do I gets dogs in my locality nutered?

Call the Chhaya Helpline (+91 98302 79138) between 10 am to 3 pm and book your request. We will get back to you with a date when we will pick up the animals.

Do you provide services for pedigreed dogs?

No, we don’t provide treatment or creche services for pedigreed dogs. Pedigreed dogs are susceptible to cross infections from the large number of street animals admitted at Chhaya.

Do you pick up injured cows, bulls and horses?

No. Presently, we do not have an extra vehicle to pick up large animals. You can arrange to transport the animal or coordinate with other NGOs to send the animal to Chhaya. We will admit and undertake treatment.

Do you treat cats?

No, we do not treat cats. The large number of dogs at Chhaya, puts cats at high risk.

Do you pick up abandoned/orphaned street puppies?

No, we don’t. As puppies have low immunity levels they are highly susceptible to cross-infections in the hospitals, which can turn fatal.